Regency City Series™ San Francisco Bay CB72


offers unparalleled design with a three-sided view, providing beautiful and cozy warmth to your space. With its diverse customization options and high efficiency, it delivers a luxurious and practical experience.

The City Series™ San Francisco Bay CB72 Regency is a masterpiece of design, offering a seamless three-sided view of the fire that brings a gentle warmth and stunning beauty to your space. This product shines like a jewel amidst your home decor with unparalleled elegance. Below are the highlighted features of this fireplace:

– Invisible Glass Safety Barrier: Provides a clear, unobstructed view of the fire while ensuring safety.
– Reflective Panels: Available as an optional feature, these panels enhance the visual impact of the flames.
– Interior Lighting: Designed with interior lights to better showcase the fire.
– Cool Wall System: Allows for the use of any finishing material right up to the edge of the fireplace, including wood.
– Energy Specifications: Offers a maximum BTU/hr of 46,500 for natural gas and 45,500 for LP/ULPG.
– Efficiency: This model is economically efficient with 61.65% for natural gas and 64.20% for LP/ULPG.
– EnerGuide Rating: Has an EnerGuide rating of 63.37% for natural gas and 65.51% for LP/ULPG.
– Customization Options: Includes a variety of decorative interior options such as birch log sets, crystals, and more.
– App and Remote Control: Features easy operation through optional app control and an included remote control.
– Heat Output Options: Comes with options like the Heatwave Kit to improve heat distribution.

With its unique design, this fireplace can serve as the focal point of any room, providing both visual appeal and comfortable warmth. If you’re interested in this fireplace for your home, it’s advisable to review the full specifications and consult with a specialist for installation requirements and design possibilities.


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  • Clean uninterrupted view of the fire
  • Can be installed as a right or left corner fireplace using the corner conversion kit
  • Invisible glass safety barrier
  • Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture (optional)
  • Place a TV right above the fire
  • Standard interior lights to accentuate the fire
  • Use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, even wood!

Energy Specifications NG LP ULPG
Maximum BTUs/hrinfo 46,500 45,500
Turn Down BTU 32,000 36,000
Efficiency 61.65% 64.20%
EnerGuide Rating 63.37% 65.51%
Unit Dimensions IN
Width (front) 82 in.
Height 15 in.



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