Performing a system tune-up at the beginning of each heating and cooling cycle is like giving your system an oil-change and making sure it’s road worthy before going on a long trip. Small problems can be detected long before they turn into big, expensive problems when temperatures are likely at their worst and when it’s most inconvenient for you.

Fewer Service Problems.

Tune-ups prevent costly equipment breakdowns, maintain optimal efficiency and can extend the life of your equipment. They also prevent your system from breaking down during peak season when service calls take longer to get to.

Savings on Heating and Cooling Bills.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% on your utility bills just by having regular tune-ups performed on your heating and cooling system each year.


With gas furnaces, regular inspections can detect tiny cracks in your heating system’s heat exchanger, cracks through which carbon monoxide can leak into your home. We follow strict standards, set by TSSA, when we test for sources of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

Keep Warranties Valid.

Your system warranty may not be honored if your equipment is not properly maintained.

Smart Tune-Ups For Free!

Smart Tune-Ups for free? It’s included in the Smart Service Plan.
Learn more about our Smart Home Protection Plan and how it can save you money and provide you with peace of mind that your system is covered no matter what the weather does.

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