Dimplex IgniteXL Series Electric Fireplaces

Introducing the Dimplex IgniteXL Series

The Dimplex IgniteXL Series represents the pinnacle of electric fireplace technology, offering a captivating and realistic fire display that will transform the ambiance of any living space. Crafted with precision and innovation, these fireplaces deliver an unparalleled visual and heating experience.

Key Features of the IgniteXL Series

  1. Lifelike Flame and Ember Effects: Utilizing advanced LED technology, the IgniteXL Series creates a mesmerizing and dynamic flame pattern that mimics the natural movement and glow of a real wood-burning fire. The ember bed effects further enhance the realism.
  2. Customizable Lighting: Homeowners can personalize the lighting experience by adjusting the flame brightness, ember bed intensity, and optional accent lighting, allowing them to set the perfect mood for any occasion.
  3. Efficient Heating Performance: The IgniteXL Series fireplaces are equipped with powerful and energy-efficient heating elements that provide supplemental zone heating, keeping your space warm and cozy.
  4. Versatile Installation Options: These fireplaces offer a range of installation options, including wall-mount, partially recessed, and fully recessed, enabling seamless integration into various room layouts and design schemes.
  5. Intelligent Controls: The included remote control allows for effortless command over all the fireplace’s features, from flame effects to temperature settings, providing a user-friendly experience.
  6. Sleek and Contemporary Design: The IgniteXL Series boasts a modern and minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines and a range of finish options to complement any interior décor.

IgniteXL Series Product Lineup

The Dimplex IgniteXL Series offers a variety of models to suit different space requirements and design preferences, including:

  • IgniteXL 50″
  • IgniteXL 60″
  • IgniteXL 74″
  • IgniteXL 100″

Each model is available in a selection of stunning finishes to ensure a perfect fit for your living space.


100, 50, 60, 72

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