We have been accused of having an air of superiority about us… and it’s true! We sell only the quietest, most efficient, durable and dependable models made. Each product is picked for the highest degree of comfort and value regardless of brand name. Products don’t make it into our offering by accident. In fact, we hand pick every unit we sell based on a clear set of criteria. We look at each brands component parts, benefits and features, where it’s made and what the availability of replacement parts is going to be like 10-15 years down the road. We consider brands from the viewpoint of which product provides the best value vs. cost plus longevity for our customers.

We are licensed to install and repair all major brands. What this means is that we have no loyalties to any one specific Brand Name. It is important to point out that we have no runner in this race – we gain and lose nothing by recommending one brand over another, and the only thing that drives our opinions is our customers’ satisfaction. We cannot risk installing something that is not the absolute best value for our customers. We wouldn’t have built the reputation we have in a highly competitive Toronto and GTA market if we didn’t.

There are five contributing factors that we used (weighted equally) in determining value for our products:

  1. Reliability – we cannot risk a product that has reliability issues (we only use Manufacturer approved parts and products) or new products without a proven history.
  2. Cost – A big part of determining value is cost. Is one brand too expensive? Do you get more bang for your buck with one brands product over another?
  3. Customer Service – we buy from manufacturers only (not wholesalers or middlemen). This way there is no warranty problems down the road and we have a readily supply of spare parts at affordable prices
  4. Features – benefits and features available are taken into account.
  5. Why – we go through such painstaking effort to find the best products at the best price. Because we built our company on one simple fact.

“A satisfied customer is our best business strategy and greatest asset because without happy customer there is no Company.”

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