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Ultimate Series – Water Softener with Clear Iron Removal


The Ultimate Series Water Softener system’s advantage is

It Removes iron from clear water and softens it. The setup is simple, and then you can relax. Simply add water softener salt! This is the most effective water softener for use with well water.


-Adjusts to changing water conditions, allowing the softener to regenerate only when necessary.

-The meter monitors daily water use and gives comprehensive system diagnostics.

-6 cycle non-corrosive valve. Motorized pistons outperform rotary valve devices in terms of dependability.

-Maximum water softening capacity ensures extended life and stability. The high-quality quartz

-Underbidding distributes water uniformly to maximize flow rates.

-A water-saving electronic water softener that is fully programmable.

-Features of self-diagnostic services

-Highest efficiency water softener that uses 80% less salt than standard water softeners

-The most recent modern design utilizes as little as 2.5 pounds of water-softening salt and 17 gallons of water per regeneration

-High volume control valve for optimal backwashing -cleanest water softening resin for removing iron and hardness

-10 ppm iron removal in pure water -12Volt AC requires less than $3 in electricity per year

-When employing potassium, it is salt-free compatible.

-Premium high-flow control valve to meet all household soft water requirements.

-Regenerates (cleans itself) on demand

-Power cell -hydro-interruption protection

-Made in Barrie, Ontario by Excalibur Water Systems 20-Year Manufacturers Warranty

UltimateSeriesWaterSoftener Manual


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