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Regency New York View 72 CV72E • CV72EPV


These Regency City Series New York View 72″ linear gas fireplaces provide a clear view of the flames and may be accommodated into any décor style. A direct vent fireplace features a completely sealed combustion chamber, allowing it to vent directly out a side wall or through your home’s ceiling. The advantage of this system is that it draws air from outside the house rather than using room air.

To start, newer versions of gas fireplaces feature an electrical igniting mechanism, and in the event of a power loss, our fireplaces will still operate on battery backup. By not leaving the pilot light on when the fireplace is not in use, electronic igniting saves gasoline.


Specific details

BTU maximum: 46,500 (NG), 45,500 (LP)
Reduced BTU: 32,000 (NG), 36,000 (LP)
Efficiency (NG): 63.06%, 63.83% (LP)
A clear, unobstructed view of the flames
Glass safety barrier that is not visible
Reflective enamel or glass panels to highlight the flame image (optional)
Place a television directly above the fire.
Standard indoor lighting to highlight the fire
Use any finishing material, even wood, right to the edge of the fireplace!
Direct Vent or Power Vent models are available.
One of most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry

New York View 72-Manual

New York View 72-brochure


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