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Superior Series – Water Softener


System Advantages
The Superior Series Water Softener softens water efficiently and effectively removes clear water iron via automatic on-demand regeneration. Superior Series versions are offered for families with small to medium-sized children. Purisoft will analyze your water and offer the best size system for your requirements.

-Ideal for active families with three or more members.
-Water softening system that is efficient – automated on-demand regeneration
-Iron removal ability in clear water of up to 5 ppm
-Water distribution system with a high flow rate
-12 Volt AC for safe operation Electronic control system for simple setup
-Resin of superior quality
-On demand, it regenerates (cleans itself).
-It saves money.
-It consumes less salt and water.
-The bypass valve is included.
-Excalibur Water Systems in Barrie, Ontario provides a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.

SuperiorWaterSoftener Manual


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