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Regency Horizon HZ40E Gas Fireplace


Contemporary Gas Linear Fireplace

The Regency Horizon is a striking modern fireplace that fits in any medium-sized living space and features today’s sleek, wide contemporary fireplace style. You can enjoy a clean finish without louvers or faceplates or add a beautiful surround in a choice of contemporary finishes. The powerful, magnificent fire that appears like magic through a fire bed of crystals or spa stones is what distinguishes the Regency Horizon from all others.

 Regency Horizon Modern Gas Fireplace Key Specifications:

  1. modern design with picture frame quality, clean lines
  2. A 30″ burner with crystal covering provides a striking landscape fire.
  3. Electronic ignition for optimal and practical operation with the SureFireTM switch

uses propane or natural gas to operate

Regency Horizon HZ40E Gas Fireplace brochure

Regency Horizon HZ40E Gas Fireplace – manual

Regency Horizon HZ40E Gas Fireplace – spec sheet



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