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Lennox Merit ML195 Gas Furnace


The Lennox Merit ML195 furnace is ideal for those who want to reduce their utility bills but do not want to lose comfort. It provides the optimal balance of energy efficiency and affordability.

-95% efficiency rating When compared to ordinary furnaces, AFUE can save you hundreds of dollars every year.
-Sealed blower compartment reduces losses while increasing efficiency and comfort. At 1.0″ ESP, leakage is less than 1%.
-Dual-fuel capability—when paired with an electric heat pump, it can improve comfort and fuel efficiency by switching between electric and gas heat, optimizing energy use and lowering heating expenses.

-Secondary stainless steel heat exchanger—allows the furnace to achieve high efficiency levels by capturing more heat.
-Strong blower assembly—exceeds industry airflow standards for uniform temperatures and greater comfort.

(45 3500) (70,000 4500)


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