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Dimplex VF5452L Opti-V Duet Electric Fireplace, 54-Inch


Dimplex VF5452L Opti-V Duet Electric Fireplace, 54-Inch provides a high quality fireplace option to improve your favorite living space. The superior LED technology of Dimplex combines with their innovative design to display three dimensional LED logs that sporadically spark and crackle with flickering flames for a truly realistic fireplace appearance–so convincing that you can mistake it for a real wood-burning fireplace! The LED inner glow logs pulsate with ember technology to emulate real wood burning logs while the integrated speakers crackle to provide an engaging sensory experience. The included multifunction remote control provides simple operation of the unit for long lasting enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • 3D LED Logs – Unique LED ember glow logs pulsate to emulate a real wood burning fire
  • LED Flame Technology – A superior blend of LED technology and craftsmanship create a realistic flame effect
  • Built-In “Duet” Series – Designed to be recessed into a wall for a flush mount finish with an extra wide 3D display
  • Opti-V Technology – Integrated speakers emit a crackle sound like a real wood burning fire
  • Direct Wired – Designed to be wired directly to a 120V/240V circuit for a seamless look
  • Multifunction Remote Control – Included remote control offers simple operation of the unit

Product Details


Part Number

120/240 Volts

64 Watts

Unit Height


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