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Chlor-A-Soft Water Softener


The Chlor-A-Soft water softener is a combo system that delivers water softening, chlorine removal, and chemical removal – the ideal solution for city water because it softens your water while also removing the chlorine that all municipalities contribute to the water supply. It also eliminates iron from pure water. The setup is simple, and then you can relax. There is no need for maintenance or filter replacement; simply add water-softening salt! Models of Chlor-A-Soft are available for small to big households as well as light business applications. Purist will analyze your water and recommend the best system size for your needs.

-Ideal for busy households or light commercial applications.
-Acid-washed coconut shell-activated carbon for chlorine elimination
-Water softening system that is efficient – automated on-demand regeneration
-Removal of iron capacities
-The resin tank
-The chrome jacket acts as an insulator against condensation.
-Water distribution system with a high flow rate
-12 Volt AC for safe operation Electronic control system for simple setup
-The resin of superior quality
-Regenerates (cleans itself) on demand, saving money and requiring less salt and water.
-The bypass valve is included.
-Excalibur Water Systems in Barrie, Ontario provides a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Chlor A Soft – Water Softener with Chlorine Removal- Manual


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